Directing/Presenting “Your” play to the class

Directing/Presenting “Your” play to the class

Week of April 7th, 2014:



Using very simple props and costume items, you will direct your peers in a staged, dramatic reading of “your” play.

Step #1:

Lit E/Lit F: Monday

Lit D: Tuesday


  • Director’s read through the play and discuss with playwright about their idea/concept and vision for the play

  • Choose the scene for the staged reading (you must choose a scene with no more than 3 characters)

  • Discuss/identify characters and assign actors



Step #2

Lit E/Lit F: Wedsnesday

Lit D: Thursday


  • Rehearsal

  • 30 mins/30 mins/30 mins

  • Discussion with “Producer”



Step #3: “Opening Night” Staged reading

Lit E/Lit F: Friday

Lit D: Monday








  • Identified the basic details of the script (who, what, where, when, why)

  • Noted the mood and style of the play

  • Identified specific character exposition important to the performance

  • Noted textual clues imperative to the characters’ obj, obst., and tactics throughout the script

  • Classified the different elements of drama within the play (exposition, rising action, conflict, etc.)

  • Collaboration as a group

  • Successful use of staging/props/etc…

  • Professionalism


Your improvement and the quality of your work depends upon your effort and time. This rubric will not only be used as a tool to assess the final product but your daily work this week as well.  The average of the rubrics from work in class and the final project will be used to determine your earned grade for this portion of this project.


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