THE PROMISED LAND IS WITHIN SIGHT!! Keep on keeping on–Quotations, Outlining, Introductions

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Below is info to keep you moving forward on you LFJ project.

Stay focused. Due date is December 10th, and its just around the corner.

Here is a link to remind you about integrating quotations. We covered this a couple of months back, so it shouldn’t be new. Follow up with me if you have questions: INTEGRATING QUOTATIONS IN JOURNALISM

BELOW is a link to a sample outline…USE IT. IT WILL HELP!!

**The outline below is typical for developing a narrative essay/long form journalism. You will want to create some variation based on your topic and purpose, so change the template to fit your purpose. Also, be aware that you may have several paragraphs where there is one Roman numeral, but this is a typical outline for a chronologically developed narrative. You can also use chronology creatively by playing with the order.**

I. Introduction

  • Attention-getter/hook
  • Significance of topic

1. Significance of topic to you–or– 2. Significance of topic to reader

  • What is the central idea you want to get across with your essay?)

II. Set-it-up–Who and What?

  • Background about event—to allow a reader to understand

    • History of people or event

    • Relevant details about the event B.

    • People involved

  • Description of relevant physical characteristics

  • Description of relevant personality characteristics

III. Setting..Rationale, Reasons, Seeking the answer to “Why?”

  • Description of setting using five senses

  • Explanation of significance of the setting

  • Short anecdote or foreshadowing

  • Details establishing conflict

  • Details establishing the stakes for people

  • Event(S)

  • Explain how things started to happen

  • Show what people did to reach the point where the event was imminent—point of no return.

  • Detailed sensory description of what happened

  • Feelings about what happened 

IV. Climax of Event/Climax of Narrative

  • Things come to a head
  • Detailed sensory description
  • Feelings about what happened

V. Resolution of Event

  • Tell how things end up

  • Sum up the event





The Work of a Journalist Continues

For class on Monday or Tuesday, please print and bring your google document of all of your research information–remember, you’ve been copying and pasting and saving any/all important info you’ve come across for your article. Also, if you’ve got responses to your interviews please bring those to class as well. We will begin crafting our narratives this week.

Also, please CREATE A NEW PAGE titled “Progress” and input a 3 paragraph reflection on how the process of being a journalist is going for you. Have you hit any obstacles? Any frustrations? Successes? What are your goals at this point? In general, how are you feeling as a journalist?

Homework for the Week of November 11, 2013

Here’s what you’re responsible for completing for this week. All work will be checked in class on Friday, and you must be able to speak on your progress, ideas and concerns regarding your career as journalists.

  1. Approved Pitch Letter must be uploaded to your website as a separate page
  2. Mission Statements must be uploaded to your website under the “About” page
  3. Week Without Walls Article must be uploaded with hyperlinks and photographs to your website as a separate page
  4. Begin to outline article. Remember this article must be told as a narrative. Think about the Inverted Pyramid
  5. Spreadsheet/Invoice documenting outreach efforts must be created. Track all emails sent–Name/Agency/Date of Outreach/Follow up/Response/Notes
  6. Read and be prepared to discuss  Art of the Steal: On the Trail of World’s Most Ingenious Thief on Thursday (Lit F and Lit E) and Friday (Lit D)